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Resources and Courses
for Creating Responsible

The School for Responsible Tourism is a hub where individual businesses, destination managers and industry thought leaders can access up-to-date resources and training.


Course information coming soon

The Launch of The School for Responsible Tourism:
An Interview
 with Harold Goodwin

This conversation gives some great insights into the Business Case for Responsible Tourism, and why there is not one but many.


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My name is Sarah Habsburg. I believe in challenging the status quo. I believe that weaving Responsible Tourism principles into your business story can have an enormous impact on your marketing success and resilience over time.

My aim is to make Responsible Tourism an integral part of everything you do. My focus is to get this done by helping businesses and destinations make decisions and take action that generate authentic stories to share. My passion is to help you create marketing content around these stories that stands out and stops the scroll.

While ever Responsible Tourism remains merely a concept, no action will be taken. This is what I want to change.


Our Vision:

We believe passionately that the power of responsible tourism can change attitudes, lives, and destinations across the world.

Our Mission:

By sharing and teaching about how to integrate responsible tourism practices into today’s businesses, however big or small, we give future generations the best chance possible to continue to survive, thrive, travel, and experience the wonders of our planet as we know them.

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