• Sarah Habsburg

7 Secrets to Creating Great Content for Your Hotel

You are in the business of selling peace of mind right now, and trust is the most valuable currency.

The million-dollar question therefore is:

How can you get your potential guests to feel safe, trust you and your offer, and ultimately get them to book with you?

The actual buying decision process is complex and takes longer than most business owners would like.

One of the most strategic ways to turn those in the unsure research phase into confident “decision-made” buyers is to get engaging content in front of them in a variety of places and formats.

This might sound like an enormous challenge, and it can be super overwhelming, but I want to share some secrets with you that will help you piece together the elements required to get great at creating content that stops the scroll. Here we go! #1. Get crystal clear on your Unique Value Proposition

By defining how you add VALUE to the people you serve; you will start to get clearer on what KIND of content will resonate with your target audiences. #2. Spend time defining your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs) Who do you love receiving at your property? Who is your property ideally designed for? When you align your value proposition with the people you can best serve, you encourage increased guest satisfaction that in turn generates content for you to promote and share.

#3. Research what your ICPs need and want Spending time to really get to know what your ideal customer profiles need and want means you can then begin to put content in front of them that answers their questions, sometimes even before they know they have them! #4. Get confident on social Get confident by starting to chop and change the formats you use to post. From traditional text + image posts, to polls on Instagram Stories, or getting brave with Facebook Lives and TikTok videos. You can say the same thing in many ways, and this is a GREAT way to repeat your messaging without seeming repetitive.

#5. Learn the anatomy of how to write a blog Take the pain and fear away from coming up with regular blogs that you can use to share information and promote your property. Writing blogs is a much simpler process than many people believe, they have an anatomy, a structure to follow, much like story writing. Every hotel marketing toolkit should include a content library in the form of blog posts.

#6. Batch produce to save time and to maintain consistency and tone Creating consistent content can seem like a gargantuan task, but by learning how - and what - to batch produce, you not only save loads of time, but maintain the voice and tone of your messaging. #7. Use a tried-and-tested framework Getting serious about creating engaging content that resonates with your target audiences and stays true to what you know and love to share can feel like an overwhelming task. The best way to get confident and consistent is to use a framework that helps you to get structured. The Heads in Beds Kickstart Strategy that I teach in my new Ultimate Content Creation Framework course is the perfect place to get started.

It is designed to get you more heads in beds, increase your direct bookings and reduce your reliance on the OTAs by teaching you the skills to get the right content in front of the right people in the right place and in the right format.

That’s a lot of rights!

You will move from feeling like you never really know if your marketing messaging is hitting the spot, to confidently creating content that answers the questions of your target audiences and builds that all-important know, like and trust factor.

To read more detail about the course, click on the link below. The Ultimate Content Creation Framework

And for a unique insight into the format of the course, how to use it and what your experience will be, take a look at this two-minute video that shows you what you will find in my online school after you have signed up.

I look forward to taking this content creation journey with you! If you have any questions or doubts about getting started with a content creation plan, or about the course itself, send me an email to sarah@sarahhabsburg.com and I will get back to you as soon as I can.