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Introduction to Responsible Tourism

Harold Goodwin answers the question “What is Responsible Tourism?” (05:15)

Justin Francis from Responsible Travel talks about the definition of Responsible Tourism and offers examples and tips for travelling responsibly (04:55)

"Why Responsible Tourism Matters" (49:10)


Covid-19 & Responsible Tourism

Building Tourism Resilience through Community Collaboration. Hosted by South Africa Is Travel Ready collective (21:00)

Rebuilding Better after Covid-19: Keynote delivered to a Responsible Tourism Partnership Workshop in Gauteng, South Africa Dec 2020 (36:45)

Tourism in Reset Mode: COVID-19 an opportunity to escape the irresponsible tourism path (56:42)


Technology & Responsible Tourism

Chobe Game Lodge is Africa’s first CO2 emission free solar powered safari experience epitomising responsible tourism practices and showing us what is possible (03:17)


Inclusion & Responsible Tourism

An interview with Aradhana Lal from Lemon Tree Hotels in India about how about employing differently abled staff (50:12)